Checking & Advancement Your Bed-making Machine

Whether you’re amalgam a apparel with a 5/8” bond allowances or a batt with quarter-inch seams, bed-making authentic bond allowances is one of the best important aspects of any bed-making project. After an authentic bond allowance, your abutting activity could be too small, too ample or a complete disaster. How accurately your apparatus sews bond allowances can accomplish or breach any bed-making project. With this in mind, what can you do to analysis and advance your bed-making machine’s accuracy?

How to Analysis Your Bed-making Machine’s Accuracy

Although best bed-making machines accept bond altitude distances formed into the throat adviser plate, and you can acquirement distinctively advised anxiety that sew quarter-inch seams, these can’t abundantly serve their purpose if your apparatus isn’t bed-making accurately. Quarter-inch seams are abnormally important for quilters. Fortunately, it’s actual accessible to analysis if your apparatus is bed-making the actual bond allowance application a lined basis agenda because the curve on an basis agenda are spaced out absolutely at ¼” increments.

With the aggravate and the presser bottom in the aloft position, accelerate the basis agenda beneath your aggravate with the curve on the basis agenda activity the aforementioned administration as your seams would be sewn. Application the handwheel, boring lower the aggravate until it is about affecting the basis card. Adjust one of the curve on the agenda with the needle. Again lower the aggravate into the band on the agenda and bead your presser foot.

Does the bend of your quarter-inch bottom band up with the abutting band that is ¼” over on the basis card? If so, you’re set to sew quarter-inch seams accurately. If not, you’ll charge to accomplish adjustments to the aggravate position until you access the actual distance, afresh analysis your bond afresh application the basis card.

You can additionally use an basis agenda to analysis added bond allowances. Acclimatize the bend of the basis agenda forth with the bond allowance arrangement on the adviser plate. Lower your presser bottom and again about-face the handwheel to lower the aggravate into the basis card. Abolish the agenda from the apparatus and admeasurement the ambit amid the aperture the aggravate fabricated and the bend of the card. Is the ambit correct? Does the altitude according the ambit the adviser bowl indicates? If not, acclimatize the aggravate position until you access the actual distance. Echo these accomplish until you accept the actual measurement.

What if you accept a bed-making apparatus that doesn’t accept curve formed into the throat bowl or you don’t accept a quarter-inch foot? How can you calmly get the actual bond allowances? It’s easy! On the basis card, draw a attenuate band alongside to the bend of the agenda according to the ambit of your adapted bond allowance. Accelerate the agenda beneath the aggravate and bead the aggravate into your fatigued band aloof as we did earlier. Adjust the basis agenda alongside to the bend of the presser bottom so that the agenda bend is absolutely area your bolt bend would be if you were sewing. Abode a allotment of painter’s band or washi band (any low balance band will work) assimilate the throat bowl forth the bend of the basis card. Agriculture the bolt to chase the bend of the tape, you can now use the band as a adviser for your bond allowance.

Tips to Advance Your Bed-making Machine’s Accuracy

What can you do to accomplish abiding your bed-making apparatus continues to run calmly and sew accurately?

  • Don’t sew over pins. Pins can account actual austere accident to a bed-making apparatus back the aggravate strikes them.
  • When not in use, accumulate your bed-making apparatus covered to assure it from dust, dirt, lint and pet hair. This is abnormally important for cyberbanking bed-making machines. If your apparatus didn’t appear with a cover, a bedding can be acclimated in a pinch.
  • Keep and abundance your bed-making apparatus in a dry environment.
  • Plug your apparatus into a billow protector. Unplug your apparatus back not in use.
  • Remove cilia from the apparatus by abridgement it abreast the ball and affairs out through the aggravate end.
  • Make abiding the fabrics you accept are acceptable for the blazon of apparatus you have. For instance, a bed-making apparatus geared for beginners will be bigger ill-fitted for carefully alloyed bolt types such as upholstery fabrics, and beneath for ablaze and arduous fabrics.
  • Clean your apparatus consistently per your machine’s apprenticeship chiral afterwards anniversary activity or every 4 hours into above projects. Cilia $.25 and lint can body up about the throat plate, ball area, and augment dogs. Afterwards adopting the presser bottom to alleviate astriction springs, run a bankrupt dollar bill amid the astriction discs to accessory out any lint or lose threads. On newer machines, the astriction discs are amid central the apparatus on either ancillary of the take-up lever. To apple-pie them, run the dollar bill on either ancillary of the take-up lever.
  • After cleaning, oil your apparatus as instructed in your owner’s manual. Abounding avant-garde machines don’t crave added oiling.
  • Never use canned air to apple-pie out the machine. Canned air can force dust, lint, and bits abysmal into the apparatus of your machine. Use the lint besom provided with your apparatus or one agnate to it to get into all the areas of the throat plate, ball and augment dogs until the besom no best pulls lint from the machine. A baby exhaustion cleaner adapter works actual able-bodied also, extensive its baby bill into areas to apple-pie out as abundant lint and bits as possible.
  • Take your apparatus in for account annually. Anniversary tune-ups ensure your bed-making apparatus is clean, alive properly, able-bodied anointed and has the latest firmware updates. Approved account generally picks up developing problems afore they become big-ticket repairs. Bed-making machines that do a lot of adornment assignment (ten hours or added per week) abide a ample bulk of accent and should be serviced added frequently — every six months.


  • Always accept above affection needles.
  • Use the adapted aggravate blazon and admeasurement to bout the weight and braid of your fabric.
  • Change all-overs amid projects and afterwards every eight hours aural a accustomed project.
  • Always change dull, angled and damaged all-overs which can account skipped and inconsistent stitches and/or accident to your machine.


  • Use the actual ball recommended by your machine’s manufacturer.
  • Don’t use decayed or damaged bobbins.
  • Don’t wind new ball accoutrement over any absolute thread. Abolish absolute cilia afore abacus a new thread.


Thread matters. Use a high-quality bed-making cilia to assure your apparatus and to get high-quality results.

  • Poor affection cilia generally after-effects in poor stitch affection and astriction problems.
  • Poor affection cilia generally generates a lot of lint and dust residue, causing problems with tension, cilia guides and ball cases, as able-bodied as causing inconsistent stitches and cilia travel. The balance lint can additionally absorb up lubrication in your apparatus which can account your apparatus to run dry.
  • Old cilia (older than bristles years), abnormally accustomed cilia threads, can be dry and brittle. The cilia can breach abrogation cilia $.25 in your machine’s mechanism.

By afterward these accessible tips, your apparatus should advance its bed-making accuracy, authoritative abiding you and your apparatus accept “sew” abounding blessed canicule ahead.

Author’s BIO: Lori Attack is a announcer from Louisville. She is a agreeable biographer for those who accept acquaintance in baby editions, Lori is now affianced in account and conceptual accessories on the affair of DIY and quilting. If you are absorbed in crafting or lifestyle, you can acquisition her on Cheep & LinkedIn. She has acceptable acquaintance and ability in the field.