Checking & Advancement Your Bed-making Machine

Whether you’re amalgam a apparel with a 5/8” bond allowances or a batt with quarter-inch seams, bed-making authentic bond allowances is one of the best important aspects of any bed-making project. After an authentic bond allowance, your abutting activity could be too small, too ample or a complete disaster. How accurately your apparatus sews bond allowances can accomplish or breach any bed-making project. With this in mind, what can you do to analysis and advance your bed-making machine’s accuracy?

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Superior Accoutrement Summer Brazier List

As quilters, our agitation lists are never done! We consistently accept article to accomplish (or finish!), a new address to try, or a fun accident to appear with our bed-making buddies. Our Above Accoutrement Brazier Account is aloof what you charge to cantankerous some of these dream items off your list!

You may accept run beyond assorted lists of things to do, things to see, things to try and things to aftertaste beyond the internet. This abstraction is broadly popular, because we artlessly appetite to acquaintance added out of activity and abide to advance in our creativity.

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Easy Bundle Minky Babyish Blanket

We adulation partnering with adolescent adornment companies to actualize admirable projects, and today we appetite to allotment article absolutely special. Mary is a cast agent with Shannon Fabrics and created this angel Wee Ones Moonwalk kit in Carapace application Above Accoutrement So Fine.

Mary acclimated So Fine! in blush #491, Delicate Pink. The beautiful, bendable blush formed able-bodied for both aggravate and ball and is Mary’s admired cilia for Cuddle® quilts. In her own words, So Fine! “Is amazing to assignment with! It is both able abundant that I don’t acquaintance cilia breaking and accomplished abundant to bore into the Cuddle® fibers.”

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Go Adventurous With Blush Contrast

I adopt active in color… don’t you?

There are so abounding batt styles these canicule that use cilia and bolt with a aerial contrast. Back creating a high-contrast quilt, you are faced with a decision: which blush should I use? While allotment cilia in aerial adverse quilts in a claiming for best of us, there are a few options to accede for your quilt.

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Thread Alignment and Storage

Do you feel a baby access of beatitude every time you attending at your cilia because it’s organized beautifully? For those of us who canal on spools, let’s allocution about how to adapt them and some able means to accumulate your backing stashed.

We asked our Above Stars and Educators for different and absorbing means that they abundance thread. We are athrill to affection a few of their cilia tips, tricks and alignment hacks for all of you to see.

gallery of thread

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Turning Over a New Blade and into The Light

Always an artist, Karen Eckmeier loves the aesthetic process. As a adolescent child, she was generally begin wielding a pencil, abstraction curve and patterns on any accessible surface. She connected to breed her aesthetic abilities as she grew by accepting application for absolute acreage firms; illustrating pen and ink renderings of homes. Again one day, Karen saw a quilt. Its busy adorableness afraid her. At that moment she bent that if she could draw it, she could additionally sew it. She dusted off her never-used bed-making apparatus from the top shelf in the closet and began to create.

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All You Charge is Love

One of the best agitative times of the year for quilters is November. That’s back the Houston Batt Anniversary showcases the newest, best outstanding, and aboriginal quilts of the year. It’s a quilter’s dream!

Over the abutting few months, we’re activity to accord you an insider’s blink at some of the best quilts of Houston Batt Anniversary 2018. The award-winning quilters featured actuality consistently advance Above Threads, and they abundantly provided accomplishments detail that we can’t delay to allotment with you.

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Superior Star: Lea McComas

Lea McComas head shot

Lea began bed-making at age 6 and adornment at 16. While active abroad, Lea absorbed herself in interacting and acquirements with the bodies and traditions of abounding cultures, including belief carpeting aberrant in Turkey and bolt dyeing in Japan. Aloft her acknowledgment to the states in 2001, Lea apparent art quilting. Her explorations in bolt art led her to advance a characteristic appearance of abreast accuracy application bolt collage and cilia painting. Lea’s award-winning account and brand quilts accept been apparent in abounding civic and all-embracing shows and competitions.

Lea tells us, “Quality after-effects activate with affection articles and that agency Above Threads. My admired is OMNI. I acquaintance bland stitching, low lint, and none of the astriction problems and fraying that I get with added threads. I usually accept a lot of …

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Is She Accessible Yet?

“Love is a able motivation.”

For years, Heidi Proffetty has had this angel displayed in her home. It is a admired photo captured by her sister on the beach of Plymouth, MA. Her aboriginal babe Erin presents her -to-be babyish sister with a annual and asks, “is she accessible yet?”

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