Let's Comedy Bowls!

In this post, let's allocution about bowls! With altered actualization and individual-sized bowls in our catalog, we’re acutely afire fans. But alfresco of looks, what action does anniversary serve and which do you choose?

Mixing and analogous bowls is the fastest way to alter your collection. All architecture works beyond all dinnerware lines. Thanks for "BOWLING" with us and ACCEPT SOME FUN!

Large Bowls

Our three better alone bowls are able of bushing both your single-serving and family-style needs. Some association own one for every abode setting, while others own one or two.

Floating-Clouds Bowl: Who needs plates? With its wide, collapsed basal and cocked sides, this able barge is a go-to for salads, pasta, and alike burritos.

Vertical-Lined Applique Bowl: Absolutely spacious, with added flower-like appearance that anatomy aliment beautifully, and a hardly abate brand on your table.

Creative Lotus Bowl: It would absolutely be the best frequently acclimated basin in your house! Acutely versatile, with acceptable capacity, and a lotus-like design.

Medium Bowls

Next in size, these absolutely single-serving bowls are accustomed essentials. They adulation cereal, but don’t stop there. Additionally dips, chips, snacks, salads, soups, alike sides, and for sharing.

Light-Red Annual Collapsed Plate: Boasting the apple-pie and simple lines, it's the absolute accompaniment to your abode setting. Use it for atom and bloom but don't stop there — we're abiding you'll acquisition a acumen to use it every day.

Pottery Basin Set: With chaste functionality and absolute proportions, this accustomed bowl’s accommodation lies in its width, over depth.

Ocean After-effects Brilliant Bowl: With depth, accomplished stability, and a stand-out design, these able argosy are an accustomed favorite.

Small Bowls

Our aboriginal and mightiest bowls authority beneath portions, with no beneath potential. For aliment prep, condiments, fruits, ancillary dishes, and dollops of anything.

Vintage Blotchy Bowl: There’s no absolute to these medium-to-small vessels, in uses and presentation. Authority adorableness in your hands, be it a bloom or yogurt.

Spiral-Rrimmed Brainstorm Bowl: Chaste versatility, with its advanced capacity. Its admirable architecture allows for added versatility than it aboriginal appears.

Blue-And-White Soup Bowl: We scream for chawanmushi (Japanese Aflame cup custard with seafood)! This basin additionally gets a lot of ice votes for oatmeal, baby dips, chutneys, nuts, and our aboriginal diners.

Order today to get these admirable EUNA bowls in your kitchen!