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When To Acclimatize The Ball Tension

We allocution a lot about astriction settings and astriction adjustments on machines. 90% of the time, we acclimatize the top astriction to accomplish the absolute stitch. This time, we will altercate the added 10%, the ball tension. You may accept been accomplished to never blow the ball tension. We're actuality to acquaint you that it is OK. It isn't as difficult as we accept been led to believe. If you are one who has been told to never blow it, by the end of this page, hopefully you will apprehend that is altogether safe and accessible to acclimatize the astriction on your bobbin case. An accessible failsafe is to accept a additional ball case that is never adapted to accumulate a baseline bobbin tension. However, why not save $30 to $40 instead of affairs a new ball case and apprentice how accessible it is to accomplish simple adjustments? Over time, tensions can change with approved use. Alike admitting you haven't physically afflicted the settings, they can assignment themselves either tighter or looser. Thread, lint, and alike temperature can affect them.

When authoritative changes to ball tension, accretion or decreasing, about-face the ample spiral on the ball case in baby increments. If you anticipate of the ample spiral as a face of the clock, acclimatize the spiral in 15-minute increments, test, and acclimatize afresh if necessary. We'd like to analysis three occasions back adjusting the ball astriction ability be necessary. The aboriginal two are obvious, but the third may be an "I never anticipation of that before" alternative.

To loosen or tighten the bobbin tension, turn the large screw in small, quarter turn increments

To alleviate or bind the ball tension, about-face the ample spiral in small, division about-face increments

  • When application a actual smooth, accomplished ball cilia the preset astriction may not be bound abundant to apply able burden on the thread. You may accept heard the appellation backfire before. Backfire occurs back the apparatus stops sewing, but the ball cilia keeps unwinding. Abbreviating the ball astriction will fix this.
  • When application a abundant or blubbery cilia in the bobbin, the preset astriction ability be too tight. This may put too abundant burden on the cilia as it comes out of the ball case and can anticipate the ball thread from unwinding freely. Alleviation the ball astriction will break this.

TOWA Ball Barometer Template

The TOWA Ball Gauge is accomplished for all longarm and midarm quilters who appetite to booty the annoyance out of adjusting ball tension. Who doesn't appetite to affluence this frustration?! We accept created a arrangement absolute our recommended ball tension settings that is applicative for all longarm machines. Home machines about don't charge as abundant bobbin astriction adjustments as longarm machines.

TOWA Bobbin Gauge

The TOWA ball barometer works by barometer the attrition of the ball cilia advancing out of the ball case adjoin a alternation of pulleys. Ball astriction can be added or decreased by axis the baby spiral on the ball case in baby movements. Clashing the top astriction of a bed-making apparatus or longarm apparatus which requires cogent rotational movement to acclimatize tension, axis the spiral 1/4 about-face in either administration can accept a ample appulse in ball tension. By advertence a after amount for ball tension, it is accessible to punch the ball astriction in with anniversary new ball or back swapping top threads. Application the TOWA ball barometer in your longarm adornment accepted will save you time and advice you alpha anniversary batt with able ball tension.

A catechism we generally apprehend apropos ball tension:

Q: There are times aback the ball acclimation is actual but no amount what I do to the top tension, I still can't get a absolute stitch or the cilia continues to break. Aback I alleviate the top astriction adequately low, to run a acute or added thread, I get loops on the back. Aback I bind the top astriction to get rid of the looping, the cilia breaks. How can I fix my tension?

A: Looping on the underside, or aback of the fabric, agency the top astriction is too apart compared to the ball tension, so the ball cilia is affairs too abundant top cilia underneath. By abbreviating the top tension, the loops will stop, but the added astriction may account breakage, abnormally with acute threads. In this case, it ability be all-important to alleviate both the ball astriction AND the top tension. By alleviation both the top and ball tensions, both abandon of the antagonism become equal, acceptance a good stitch after breaking or looping.

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