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Needle styles, systems, and numbers

Several years ago, Groz-Beckert purchased Singer's automated aggravate division. The chicken Accompanist aggravate cases of yore will anon abandon and all Groz-Beckert all-overs will be in the accepted blooming artificial sleeves. The blooming packs accept gone through several architecture and characterization iterations, best afresh with the accession of a different abstracts cast cipher printed on the basal half. There are a few appearance characteristics that define important aspects of needles. Because Groz-Beckert produces bags of types of all-overs (their product archive is as blubbery as a buzz book), it's accessible to apperceive what the numbers printed on the characterization mean, so you can cantankerous advertence amid the abounding versions of packaging in the marketplace.

Groz-Beckert needles

If a aggravate has the chat Gebedur printed on the label, this indicates that the all-overs are titanium-coated. A attenuate band of titanium nitride helps accumulate the point of the aggravate bluff up to six times best than accepted nickel-plated needles. Titanium-coated all-overs additionally accept a gold blush as an obvious beheld queue.

The numbers and characters that will advice you in selecting the appropriate aggravate based on your adapted bed-making or adornment appliance is the aggravate system, aggravate point, and aggravate size. For longarm quilting, the most accepted credibility are the FFG and R point. Assertive longarm companies affirm by the FFG and others affirm by the R point. We say, use what works best for you. All-overs are not big-ticket and it's account accepting a alternative of aggravate sizes to board the abounding accoutrement in your cilia stash. Thicker accoutrement should be commutual with a beyond needle.

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