Our automated accoutrement abide of bed-making accoutrement for upholstery and bartering bed-making applications. Our affirmed accoutrement are accessible in a alternative of seven thicknesses (sizes), three cilia types, and over one hundred colors. Bartering and automated bed-making accoutrement are strong, smooth, and are frequently acclimated on projects that accept appropriate cilia requirements. For high-heat resistance, DuPont™ Kevlar® cilia is the cilia to use. For UV-safe applications, Affirmed Polyester is recommended.

Industrial Thread

Our Automated Threads

Bonded Nylon

Bonded Nylon is the best accepted cilia best for bond upholstery, leather, vinyl, abundant fabrics and more. Our Affirmed Nylon is fabricated from able nylon fibers, Nylon 6,6 (sometimes referred to as Nylon 66, which is stronger and has a college calefaction altruism than approved nylon fibers that are frequently acclimated for nylon monofilament bed-making threads. The bonding abettor which coats our Affirmed Nylon cilia provides added strength and reduces abrasion at the needle, consistent in bland stitches. Accessible on ample cones in seven altered thicknesses.

Bonded Polyester

Bonded Polyester is the best accepted cilia best for bond articles that will be apparent to UV rays (sunshine). Polyester fibers accept a greater attrition to abrasion and breach from UV application compared to nylon fibers. Affirmed Polyester has bigger achromatize resistance, which makes it ideal for bed-making alfresco furnishings, convertible automobiles, awnings, abyssal fabrics, and more. The bonding abettor which coats the cilia adds backbone and reduces abrasion at the needle. Affirmed Polyester has accomplished actinic and bane resistance. Accessible on ample cones in six altered thicknesses.

DuPont™ Kevlar® thread

Kevlar® is a world-renown for it's aces strength. Kevlar® cilia is ideal for situations area a able bond is appropriate or if the actual actuality sewn on is rigid, inflexible, or tough. Not alone does Kevlar® accept accomplished compactness (breaking) strength, it is additionally has an extremely-high calefaction tolerance. It doesn't melt, but decomposes back apparent to temperatures of 930° F. Nomex® decomposes at 660° F, making Kevlar® a bigger best back calefaction attrition is a requirement. Our Kevlar® is accessible in seven thicknesses and two types, Affirmed Kevlar® and Spun Kevlar®. If backbone is the primary requirement, we acclaim Bonded Kevlar®. If aerial calefaction altruism is the primary requirement, we acclaim spun Kevlar®.


SewGlow is an avant-garde cilia for able bed-making and upholstery. It is a Tex 240 (comparable to a #207 or #277 thread) affirmed polyester which has appropriate aglow dye abounding into the fibers. The thread appears white back in ablaze and glows a ablaze blooming or dejected blush in the dark. SewGlow offers you the adeptness to actualize different sewn projects that afterglow in the dark. It's actual able and has a affirmed blanket to accumulate abrasion at bay back bed-making at aerial speeds. Betrayal it to ablaze for 60-90 abnormal and it glows brightly for account as the accuracy fades over the advance of an hour. Recharge over and over afresh for the same aglow effect. There is no added cilia like SewGlow.

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