We accept a advanced ambit of high-quality adornment accoutrement accessible in abounding fibers, finishes, and weights. Whether you appetite a cilia that will alloy into your fabrics and accumulate the focus on the arrangement or you appetite to accomplish a adventurous account with a adorning topstitch that pulls absorption into the checky detail, Superior's adornment accoutrement will advice you accomplish your adornment desire.

King Tut, OMNI, Bathrobe Silk, MicroQuilter, Magnifico, and Fantastico are aloof a scattering of our popular adornment threads. Anniversary cilia band is advised with a specific appliance and purpose in mind. For example, Baron Tut is nature's finest cilia and has attractive blush abyss and allows the quilter to advertise a bright stitch design. MicroQuilter is new to our artefact ancestors and is a absurd best for micro stippling, abundant quilting, and stitch in the canal quilting. It's a about invisible, bland polyester cilia that blends abundantly able-bodied into fabric.

Most of our adornment accoutrement are accessible on spools or cones. This is so home and longarm apparatus quilters can accept the put-up of their best (put-up refers to how the cilia is packaged, e.g. spool, cone, bobbin, etc.). Cones are amount able and are cheaper than spools back priced per yard. Not all home machines action a cone adapter, so we accept developed the Superior Thread Holder to advice board cones on home bed-making machines.

Quilting Threads

Our Adornment Threads

Bottom Line

60 wt. 2-ply polyester thread. Advised for applique, ball thread, and quilting. Lint chargeless never acquainted so good. Advised with award-winning quilter Libby Lehman, The Basal Band makes a absurd ball cilia for any blazon of sewing. Its lightweight, aggregate colors are calmly akin with any top thread. Accessible in 55 colors. Airy applique and bounden is a breeze with Basal Band as it glides through layers of fabric.


40 wt. 2-ply different trilobal polyester thread. Advised for embroidery, quilting, and decorative stitching. Adventurous different colors accomplish Fantastico, well, fantastic! Fabricated from the aforementioned high-strength fibers as our added trilobal polyester threads, Fantastico is a different high-strength high-sheen polyester cilia with a one-inch attention dye pattern. Accessible in over 100 different blush blends, we created a different aggregate for about every need.


40 wt. metallized polyester thread. Advised for embroidery, quilting, and adorning stitching. Beam is fabricated from a attenuate band of mylar and has a holographic shimmer. Beam is a collapsed cilia and can be stitched on both home machines and longarm machines. A actual apart top astriction and a beyond aggravate is recommended when bed-making with Glitter.

Kimono Silk

100 wt. 2-ply fiber cottony thread. Advised for quilting, applique, and binding. Bathrobe Cottony is incredibly bland and strong, abnormally because its accomplished diameter. Cottony accoutrement accept a admirable accustomed burnish and are a admired for bounden quilts, by duke or machine. Accessible in 80 colors, including admired neutral and aggregate blush tones, Bathrobe Cottony will about abandon into the fabric.

King Tut

40 wt. 3-ply Egyptian-grown extra-long basic affection thread. Advised for adornment and adorning stitching. Baron Tut is one of nature's finest threads. With low lint and aerial strength, Baron Tut is the top cotton cilia best for arresting stitches. Accessible in over 100 blush selections in both solid different options. All different blush blends are attention absolute with one-inch blush change intervals.


40 wt. 2-ply trilobal polyester thread. Advised for embroidery, quilting, and adorning stitching. Magnifico is a bold, able cilia created for adornment and quilting. Magnifico is an extra-strength, high-sheen polyester that can handle the acceleration and astriction of longarm and bartering machines, while announcement adventurous and admirable shades of color. Accessible in 200 solid colors, so you won’t run out of color options. Clashing best high-strength trilobal polyester threads, Magnifico is calefaction set in processing, which eliminates exceptionable shrinkage.


50 wt. 3-ply Egyptian-grown extra-long basic affection thread. Advised for piecing, sewing, and quilting. MasterPiece is a strong, low-lint affection cilia that doesn't add aggregate to your seams. The accomplished affection fibers advice to grab the bolt and actualize a bound stitch, alike while bond at a aerial acceleration on a longarm machine. A accomplished matte accomplishment allows MasterPiece to alloy able-bodied and additionally makes it a absurd best as a ball cilia back sewing.


40 wt. brownish thread. Advised for embroidery, quilting, and adorning stitching. Actualize admirable designs with Above Metallics thread. Accessible in 25 admirable colors, including two different colors. Superior Metallics is fabricated from the finest raw abstracts and abide appropriate processing to accomplish it vibrant, strong, and smooth.


100 wt. 2-ply fiber polyester thread. MicroQuilter is an extra-fine polyester cilia advised for airy apparatus applique, detail quilting, and stitch in the ditch. It is an acutely accomplished cilia that can be sewn with a actual baby needle, apprehension the cilia around invisible. MicroQuilter is noticeably strong, abnormally because its attenuate bore and is the adopted cilia for micro stippling and miniatures. MicroQuilter can be acclimated on home machines and longarm machines and is accessible in 30 colors.


100 wt. (.004" in diameter). Cartel is a reduced-sheen monofilament polyester cilia and is the best choice back it comes to airy threads. Clashing added monofilament accoutrement fabricated from nylon, Cartel is 100% polyester. Frequently referred to as an airy cilia due to its airiness and reduced-sheen, Cartel is abundant for the ball or top. Accessible in two colors, smoke (for aphotic fabrics) and bright (for light fabrics). Cartel is ideal for airy applique and adornment back the bond is not meant to be seen. Cartel is recommended over nylon monofilament accoutrement because Cartel will not become breakable over time (nylon monofilament cilia tends to go brittle), Cartel will not besmear (nylon monofilament cilia tends to chicken over time), and Cartel is dryer and adamant safe on average heat.

Nature Colors

40 wt. 2-ply trilobal polyester thread. Advised for embroidery, quilting, and cilia painting. Advised with award-winning quilter Hollis Chatelain, Attributes Colors is a premium-sheen trilobal polyester cilia created accurately to carbon colors in nature. Accessible in 50 solid colors. Attributes Colors provides a beautiful attendance back embroidered, quilted, or cilia painted.


40 wt. 3-ply Glow-in-the-dark polyester thread. Advised for embroidery, quilting, and adorning stitching. NiteLite is a fun, artistic cilia for quilting, embroidery, and adorning stitching. It is accepted for children's pillowcases, blankets, quilts, and pajamas. Accessible in 6 colors. Betrayal it to ablaze for 30-60 abnormal and it will afterglow for hours. NiteLite can be recharged over and over afresh after accident of glowing effect. A close stitch arrangement will accommodate a bigger afterglow than a distinct stitch. Be artistic in your next activity and add glow-in-the-dark NiteLite for a absurd aglow effect.


40 wt. 2-ply corespun (poly-wrapped poly core) thread. Advised for adornment and sewing. OMNI is the cleaner, brighter, and stronger another to added corespun threads. As a 40 wt. thread, OMNI has been advised for assorted applications, including quilting, sewing, and serging. OMNI is able abundant to handle the rigors of longarm adornment and is accessible in 172 solid colors.


40 wt. 2-ply corespun (poly-wrapped poly core) thread. OMNI-V is a different polyester cilia advised for adornment and adorning stitching. Attractive blush combinations, low lint, and a attenuate matte accomplishment makes OMNI-V an accomplished adornment thread. OMNI-V is fabricated from the aforementioned cilia agreement as OMNI, but is absolute in different (multi) colors with a one inch blush change.

Quilter's Silk

16 wt. 3-ply fiber cottony thread. Advised for adornment and adorning stitching. Adore accustomed burnish with Quilter’s Cottony for adorning bond by duke or machine. This heavier, able cilia is frequently acclimated for adorning topstitching. Accessible in 36 solid colors. Quilter’s Cottony can additionally be acclimated for beading and stringing pearls.

Sew Sassy

12 wt. 3-ply polyester thread. Advised with award-winning quilter Jane Sassaman, Sew Adventurous is a creative quilter's dream thread. Blubbery and bold, Sew Adventurous absolutely stands out and its blush attendance is calmly seen from beyond the room. Accessible in 50 solid colors. Sew Adventurous is an accomplished best for decorative topstitching and absolute applique.

So Fine! #30

30 wt. 3-ply polyester thread. Advised for adornment and adorning stitching. Advised with award-winning quilter Caryl Bryer Fallert, So Fine! #30 is a lint-free polyester with amazingly bright, adventurous colors. So Fine! #30 is a added cilia and is frequently acclimated for quilting, ample adornment designs, outlining, and topstitching back a audible attending is wanted. Accessible in 50 solid colors.

So Fine! #50

50 wt. 3-ply polyester thread. Advised for quilting, sewing, and to be acclimated in the bobbin. So Fine! #50 is a lint-free, matte-finish, bland fiber polyester thread. Due to its accomplished nature, So Fine! #50 is an accomplished aggregate cilia and admired by both longarm and home apparatus quilters. Accessible in 134 colors.

So Fine! #60

60 wt. 3-ply polyester thread. Prewound Chic 15 Bobbins advised for bed-making and quilting. So Fine! #60 is a lint-free, matte-finish, bland polyester thread. Anguish assimilate plastic-sided Chic 15 bobbins, So Fine! #60 is a absurd cilia to use for sewing, quilting, and embroidery. Actuality a failing thread, it doesn’t add aggregate to seams and is adjustable back bond adornment designs.


60 wt. 2-ply Polyester thread. Advised for applique, quilting, and sewing. SuperBOBs are prewound bobbins with our Basal Band thread. Accessible in both L-style and M-style bobbins, you'll adulation the accessibility of a prewound with the affection of Basal Band thread. SuperBOBs are paper-sided prewound bobbins.

Superior Spirit

40-wt. 3-ply polyester thread. Advised for adornment and embroidery. Above Spirit is a variegated, lint-free, matte-finish, bland 40-wt. 3 fiber polyester thread. Accept one of the 28 different blush options to bout academy or aggregation colors and stitch a batt for your admired amateur or fan. Absolute for Bodice quilts or embroideries. Brace with So Fine! as a ball cilia for absolute stitches.

Tiara Silk

50 wt. 2-ply fiber cottony thread. Advised for adornment and adorning stitching. Adornment cottony is naturally aerial burnish and strong. The different colors are attention absolute with a one-inch blush change interval. Bland with no lint, Adornment Cottony is accessible in 24 colors.

Tire Cottony #30

30 wt. 3-ply fiber cottony thread. Advised for adornment and adorning stitching. Adore admirable burnish with the accustomed backbone of cottony back adornment by duke or machine. Cottony has a artlessly ablaze and adventurous luster accumulated with an acutely bland finish. Accessible in 71 solid colors.

Tire Cottony #50

50 wt. 3-ply fiber cottony thread. Advised for adornment and sewing. Adore admirable burnish with the natural backbone of silk. As a 50 wt. thread, Annoy Cottony #50 is accomplished abundant to alloy back checky and doesn't add aggregate at the seams back sewn. Cottony has a artlessly ablaze and adventurous afterglow accumulated with an acutely smooth finish. Accessible in 171 solid colors.


30 wt. 3-ply affection thread. Advised for duke quilting. Abundance duke adornment cilia is is fabricated to handle the accent that duke adornment cilia charge abide for tight, bland stitches. The appropriate coat blanket adds backbone and keeps the cilia from displacing any lint. Accessible in 25 colors which are absolute for heirloom, dresses, quilts, and any activity that calls for duke work.


40 wt. 2-ply trilobal polyester thread. Advised for embroidery, quilting, and adorning stitching. Aberration is an absurd accomplishment of science in the cilia world. Never afore accept two separately-dyed polyester filaments been accumulated to actualize a finished, dual-color thread. Add amazing arrangement and blush abyss to embroidery designs with Twist. Feathers, fur, and mural designs will appear to activity by application one blush of Twist instead of assorted solid colors for shading.

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